Teen mentors

Petra (Nelka) Ragas

She graduated from a college of social work, went through Montessori teaching and andragogic (pedagogical) education. Today, she is devoted to the development of children's potential. For over 10 years she has been working with children and youth, as a certified animator, mentor and lecturer. More about her here (She runs communication courses for children and teenagers, especially in the framework of projects "We understand children" and is a lecturer of volunteers in the organization Smile as a gift. Organizes children's festivals, workshops and lectures on children, weekend stays for parents and children to strengthen their relationship. She teaches playfully, because teaching hidden in a game is enjoyable and its also developing more senses at once. he is convinced that a well-spent hour with a child means much more than a normal week. She is a supporter of the idea that the skilled pupils do not have obedience, but a passionate interest. In “Karieristics” she likes to participate in choosing a profession, selecting a college, because she has already tried "all possible work" itself. Teaches students new ways to write motivation sheets and CVs, teaches them how to take a first-look or interview. Within the "Relationship" it is about her life stories. On how to consolidate the relationship in the family, how to understand the parent's side, how to understand oneself. Various themes, different people. If you need help in the areas mentioned above, Peck will help you.)

Email: rozumiemedetom@gmail.com

Web: www.rozumiemedetom.skwww.ozsilarozvoja.sk


Michal Vaclavik

Michal is a graduate of the Intuitive Pedagogy of Dieter Schwarz, Force of New Communication and Methodology of Experiential Pedagogy. He acted in Yuvente as a lecturer for youth leaders, a lecturer for international youth activities, leisure time maker, a substitute carer, and children's homes. More about Michal here (He is interested in nature, martial arts, Eastern medicine and philosophy, architecture and design, as well as the financial market and trading on it. He is an instructor of a railway climbing on a cableway. He is a children's guide at Gaštanko Forest School where he organizes educational and creative activities for children. He is skilled in crafts, balancing skills, construction, instrumentation and mechanical machinery. At The Next Step, he organizes seminars, trainings and teambuilding activities for adults in the areas we mentioned above. He speaks English, German, Russian, Spanish. He also speaks a little Japanese and Chinese. If you are looking to be as versatile as Michal, choose him as a mentor and he will love to guide you to develop these skills and abilities.)


Jana Bytčáneková

Originally a high school English teacher and translator, she currently wants to focus on mediation as an alternative way of dispute resolution focusing on family mediation. Volunteerely works for Smile as a gift as a family meeting coordinator, a feature very similar to the mediator in terms of how to find solutions. More about Janka here (Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle supports ongoing nutrition studies and a holistic approach to human health, and has completed 2 comprehensive retraining courses for nutrition counselors. In the framework of the Lifeology, she prepared the curriculum in the thematic area of ​​Health. If you are interested in healthy nutrition, ecology, strengthening family relationships, or whatever around it, Jana is the right choice for you. She will advise you and lead you to meet your goals.)

Email: jana.bytcanekova@gmail.com



Peter Huray

is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics at Masaryk University in Brno and also studied at the Universidad de A Coruna in Spain. He has international experience of working with youth at European level, currently specialized in training and consultancy in the field of non-formal education, soft skills and project management. He is engaged in the development of the agricultural region and is currently in charge of managing international projects in the non-profit sector. 



Veronika Strnisková 

As a volunteer, she is involved as a mentor, specifically in the HR division, where she is involved in the preparation and creation of a mentoring education system, recruiting and selecting mentors in the program, her interest also being in the areas of Relationship, Venture and Career.

Email: veronikastrniskova@gmail.com

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Michal Grozda

He has an international experience of working with youth at European level, he is engaged in the development of the farming region, as a volunteer is involved as a mentor, and at the same time has a pedagogical education, specifically in teaching English. He is involved in translating the program into English because other European countries are interested in learning Lifeology.


Lucia Mariničová

graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Matej Bel University, and since 2010 has been professionalized in the field of youth work at local and international level. She is a member of Aiesec Alumni Slovakia, had organized and designed many youth activities and projects. Currently, he works as a project manager for the public and non-profit sectors. 


Juraj Šimkovič

Social pedagogue and educator, in the field with children since his youth, he was an active scout, animator, educator, sports manager. He'scurrently being implemented in the "ŠŤASTNÁ ŠKOLA" experiment at the Private Primary School in Nová Dubnica. In January 2018, his first book titled Naive Pedagogy from Practice was published: 15 years between "little big" trainers. If we want to change, shape and educate, we have to work ourselves first.

Barbora (Baška) Baisová 

As a volunteer she is involved in the program as an assistant to the PR Director, she prepares media for PR, articles, and videos. Takes care of the outcomes on youtube, about social networks, instagram and FB.

She is the president of the Slovak branch of the international Youth & Media youth organization operating in 16 countries with more than 5,000 members. She is currently a student at the Faculty of Management at the Comenius University in Bratislava.

Email: baska.baisova@gmail.com

Web: http://may.am/sk/

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Zuzana Takácsová

She graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Comenius University in Bratislava. In addition to the law, in the past, she has been raising financial literacy in the Slovak Banking Association as the Banking Ombudsman attorney and at the National Bank of Slovakia as the main supervisor. She has been involved in creating training modules for primary and secondary schools. Currently, she works as a lawyer, but the need to raise legal awareness in society has not left her. The project of lifeology has addressed it very much and it contributes to the project by raising the awareness of secondary school students.