"I would like to point out the technique that Lifeology is doing, much easier and even more exciting than the other lessons. She taught us to express ourselves better, but also to express our own opinion. The still positive and open approach of our mentors gives us energy and taste for the lesson. The fact that they tell us about their personal lives gives us a sense of certainty in order to share with others. Lifeology is also a relaxation between all the hours where millions and millions of information is being heard and we remember just what we want. So I am grateful that as one of the few schools we have the opportunity to learn in such a new and original way.”

Karolína Rokošná, 1st grade, Stredná škola “Jilemák”Trenčín

Bez názvu-3

"I always wanted to help, and all of you from Lifeology give me a way to do it. I'm crazy for every joke, but I also like helping others.”

Emma Sušienková, 2nd grade, Obchodná Akadémia Pezinok


“Heni, you are my role-model for how you communicate with us as you have embarked on Lifeology and enforce it, you are fulfilling the dreams that you have shown us, how you behave to your children, how you can express yourself before the people, and how much positive energy and effort you have to give us in life, you always know how to create a smile on my face even through that cellphone, you’re just unreal! I am very glad that something like Lifeology is at our school, I believe it will give me much more.”

Simona Horaisová, 2nd grade, Obchodná Akadémia Pezinok


"At first, we did not know how these students would react because, you know, they are young. The teachers were a bit skeptical. Their reactions were all kinds. There was anxiety about pushing out classical education, but these fears quickly dissipated, and it turned out that Lifeology was very much needed to add to the system exactly what is missing at the moment. Activities are selected to catch those youngsters, it's about them.”

RNDr. Jozef Lojan, director of Cirkevné gymnázium sv. Cyrila a Metoda v Snine

Dana Navarova

"When Mrs Holubeková addressed us with the “Lifeology" offer, we were curious what it is. We were the very first school to have it, it wasn’t taught anywhere before. As we're opened up to new things, we said we'd try it out. Our school has been running it for three years now. Lifeology is focused on the development of emotions, emotions, motivations, interests, socialization and communication, self-control and self-regulation, moral values ​​and creativity. It also helps us to solve educational problems at school, which are dealt with in the current and nonviolent way.”

Ing. Dana Navarová, deputy director, Obchodná akadémia, Pezinok


"I have seen the outcome of the practice of pupils who have spent a week with you. I really enjoyed the presentation of the activities that took place during the week. It has been seen that they have learned to present their work correctly, so I think that when they have the knowledge they have gained from our teachers, they need to learn to use this knowledge and apply them mainly on the labor market and this knowledge or use of their skills in real life - that’s what you teach them.”

Ing. Janka Redechová, deputy director, Súkromná stredná odborná škola podnikania, Senica

Maria H

"This subject is useful in my view, the impact assessment on the quality of internal relationships in the class is analyzed by the school management after the end of the school year. However, I can already state that Lifeology is a benefit, the children will learn how to communicate and act properly.”


Mgr. Mária Hančinská, director, Stredná odborná škola obchodu a služieb, Trenčín


"I like the rule that the class is Vegas. What happens in Vegas remains in Vegas.”

Veronika Stískalová, 1st grade , Stredná odborná škola obchodu a služieb, Trenčín


"When something comes to our minds, we ask and mentors are very happy to answer, they are willing. It's an interesting lesson, other than a classical one.”

Patrícia Horná, 1st grade , Stredná odborná škola obchodu a služieb, Trenčín


“I learn something new every Lifeology. Whether about classmates or about myself. Thanks to great mentors, I have learned not only to listen, but also to perceive others, to respond correctly to the most common situations and to set values ​​that are really important to me. I have gained a lot of knowledge and experiences from my lessons that help me become a better person. Thank you for being part of this program.”

Jana Petrovajová, 2nd grade, Cirkevné Gymnázium sv. Cyrila a Metoda v Snine.


"Lifeology teaches us how to recognize when something is hurting us or knowing something about ourselves, how to behave in some situations and that it can also hurt other people.”

Oliver Semko, 2nd grade, Cirkevné Gymnázium sv. Cyrila a Metoda v Snine.



When I first heard of the subject Lifeology, it was very difficult to imagine what we would be holding on, what we would touch on, what it would look like on the lessons, and so on. It started with the advent of four young people, whom most of us did not know, and so various questions popped in our heads like who they are or what are they doing here. Then we all sat in a circle and started talking. It took about two or three hours. We gradually became acquainted, whether personally or with the subject of Lifeology, and then it started. My first excitement came about in the fourth or fifth hour, when we also started our activities. Each of our lessons started by asking us how we were, what we had new. Then came a little activity that awakened each one of us and we could cast on their chosen theme. The themes were and still are different, but they didn’t lose the excitement. I mean, a person can not be bored. As well as the liveliness of the topics I liked the approach of the teacher and the mentors. They always come to the class with a smile, a good mood that, in my opinion, will create the right atmosphere and we are ready to communicate. Well, and finally I'm where I wanted to get. Communication. Personally, I think this is the biggest problem of our younger generation. You probably ask how it relates to Lifeology. It's very simple. As I mentioned, we communicate in this lesson. But it's not just about ordinary communication. Teacher, along with mentors, gives us the opportunity to express our opinion and the space for the defense. I think this is the biggest positive thing about this subject, because we learn to communicate, and as the themes are of different character, we can rightly express and use the right arguments.

Lifeology lessons help me a lot and I get a lot of information, whether from a teacher or mentor, or from my classmates. I am very glad to have this subject, and it is certainly a great benefit for our school, especially for us gymnazists. I am particularly grateful to our director, who has authorized the implementation of this project, and it would be great if this subject was also in other schools, because that will help us youth very much.”

Kamil Duffala, študent 2nd grade, Cirkevné Gymnázium sv. Cyrila a Metoda v Snine.


"I would like to thank you for today's workshop, I think it was very popular with people, it was a new and perhaps unexpectedly good experience for them, and it was a good experience for me as well and I am glad to have a chance to get to know it a little even if you know best that it was just such a tasting where one can only guess how it tastes whole. I loved especially the openness and honesty with which you all put it in for nothing you do not play or do not pretend. It's probably the most valuable thing that this whole program can give people.”


Mgr. Štefan Grajcár, Euroguidance Center Consultant and Slovak Academic Association for International Cooperation, Vice-President of the Association for Career Counseling and Career Development, University Teacher and Professional Publicist

David kováčik

"I like these lessons that we are also talking about things we do not talk about with parents, it's much more open.”

Dávid Kováčik , 1st grade, Stredná odborná škola obchodu a služieb, Trenčín


"It's better than a regular lesson, because we talk to the lecturers more relaxed and open about everything. We take our life goals and what we want to achieve, we also take on topics such as sex, family, and drugs.”

Samuel Mičo, 1st grade, Stredná odborná škola obchodu a služieb, Trenčín


"Students talk about this subject as a missing piece in the schooling.”

Katarína Kleknerová, redactor for TV JOJ


"On behalf of Future Generation Europe, I would like to express my sincere thanks for the Teen mentor for the Mini-Erasmus Life Biology Workshop November 2016. High School Participants were very satisfied and we believe that it will shift them further in life. I also express my pleasure that we, together with Teen mentors - besides enriching students with new information - may wake up a lot of people for more activity, and perhaps this may change their lives in the future.”

Tomáš Meňuš, Future generation Europe


"First of all, it is difficult to assess the direct or indirect impact of Lifeology in education so far. I'd rather say it has a positive impact on a few individuals than on "all" pupils. However, this is also related to the level of attained skills, knowledge and attitudes of our pupils who are er, often at a very modest level. Perhaps Lifeology will help to open up other horizons than aren’t normally revealed by ordinary lessons, and certainly has considerable potential to develop more personality competencies for pupils. However, under the condition of systematic regular teaching of this program, not occasionally. The positive thing is that we do not "stick around" them and especially that they have the opportunity to participate in the activities of the whole and their opinion is accepted, respectively. they generally have the opportunity to show themselves. As effective I see is linking the curriculum with the mentors' life stories.”

PhDr.Peter Roháč, teacher, Obchodná akadémia Pezinok

Marta Kubíčková

"There is an increasing number of young people with depressed minds, and as this is a problem in recent years in particular, we are not yet equipped with skills, instructions, handling techniques, and sufficient solutions to the problems that are so often found in pupils' collectives. Lifeology could be very helpful to teachers and also class teachers. I consider the whole project to be very beneficial for both pupils and school.”

RNDr.Marta Kubíčková, teacher, OA Pezinok


"On this subject, I am glad that it is non-formal education and we are all equal, in the Teen mentor and student relationship. In short, no one is superior or subordinate, and this project is based on great friendship. And I'm very glad to be with you all in mentoring team and that I could become Teen mentor this year. I've found new contacts and I'm talking to all the groups. Aged from secondary school students to adults in various occupational professions. And we are as if one family, who is also moving me forward and also giving me various projects, conferences on which I really like to participate. And it is a great connection with my union. My mission for this great project is that I would like to help young people with similar problems as I experienced and of course I plan to continue mentoring after the end of this secondary school.”

Lukáš Matula, 3rd grade, Obchodná Akadémia Pezinok


"Lifeology is a subject that is taught at 5 schools in Slovakia and one of the schools is also my Grammar School. Cyril and Method in Snina. I am very glad that this subject is also in my schedule. At first I did not know what we would learn about this subject. Later I realized that it was a matter of us, of people. These lessons are attended by 4 young mentors who teach us about self-knowledge, about relationships between us, about interests and care for our health. These hours give me a lot of life. They teach me how to behave to people, how to find out what I enjoy, how to properly care for my health and my body. I wish all young people to have the opportunity to "find themselves" in Lifeology.”

Anetka Gíčová, Gymnázium sv. Cyrila a Metoda v Snine


“We are not brave enough to talk to our parents and teachers about things we talk about with them. They’re not our friends but as Henika said, we’re equals.”

Roman Gelien, 1st grade, Stredná odborná škola obchodu a služieb, Trenčín


"I expected a pleasant atmosphere from the Lifeology workshop for us, educational counselors, I was looking forward to learning something new. My expectations have been overcome. It brought me a new philosophy and a view of life, which made me feel a sense of burnout. As a further benefit, I would like to highlight that I have been given a new motivation for a creative approach to work and life and have inspired me to create a pleasant atmosphere. I recommend Lifeology training for my other colleagues, teachers, parents and other adults, because everyone would find solutions for their problems. The only thing that can be denied is that I would reserve much more time for such interesting educational activities.”

Ľudmila Hrachovinová, teacher and educational consultant,  SOŠ Ivanská cesta, Bratislava

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