Imagine being able to manage your life changes prudently and with peace

Break up, graduating from school, marriage, the birth of children, a change of job, a change of business or other loss in life.

Imagine that no "blow of fate" throws you off balance and you keep the ground firm underfoot

Imagine that you are a stable support for yourself and that you can always cope with a difficult life situation.


Why can I help you?

“My life’s full of changes.

Two weeks after I was born, my mother died.
In high school, I fell so passionately in love with my first love that I graduated with my firstborn son in my womb. At one point in my life, I was suddenly a wife, a mother, an employee of my first job. 
I decided to study at university, the field of andragogy, which clearly guided my professional life as a mentor and teacher for youth and adults. 
After 14 years of marriage with three children, a divorce came along, a diagnosis of my youngest son - epilepsy. The carat house collapsed and I started from scratch. Again, with unclear prospects, mentally broken, sick, sore. 

However, all this time I have been actively building my know-how:

I have read thousands of books, completed hundreds of courses during my more than 25 years of practice and passed on my knowledge to thousands of people
I tried what it is like to have my own freelance, work in state administration, public administration, in a private company and in a non-profit organisation
For more than 25 years, in addition to my work, I have implemented trainings in communication, team leadership and management of extreme stressful situations and overall resistance to external conditions.


All my life I have been accompanied by sudden changes.

I see being a support for myself as my lifelong task.

Over the past years, I have gained a lot of experience, created and tested effective techniques for personal development.

And now I want to help you too. 


I have a workshop for you, which I "pumped" with exercises, knowledge, apps and advice.

You don't have to travel anywhere. Look at it right at home. Whenever you want. The advantage of not having a "life" in real time is that you can stop it at any time, which will help you do activities at your own pace, even with the children in the other room or while you cook dinner in the kitchen. Alternatively, you can split the view into several days. Maybe it will help you better process the thoughts and information in your mind so that you can immediately implement it into your life. You have your comfort and at the same time you experience strong interactivity with me and other participants.

When creating the structure of this workshop, I emphasised that I gave you a little theory, knowledge, I translated it into simple but effective exercises, many tips and tricks, applications and modern technologies, and at the same time I presented it so that you have / and the feeling that we are just talking.

Be prepared not to just sit passively at the screen and listen. But you will be actively involved in the whole process, because ONLY THIS WAY you will learn to implement what you learn into your life.



“Heni's webinar was inspiring in that it accompanied us through setting our life priorities, providing enough time for our own introspection and a thorough awareness of important contexts. I also liked the tips for specific tools and applications that improve efficiency and own time management, which can create an ideal time for rest, family or long-delayed projects. And that's a benefit that's really priceless. It is clear that Heni has mastered this issue and experienced it on her own skin, so do not expect any general theoretical lessons, but prepare for a real load of self-awareness, which will cut you alive. I recommend it for everyone who no longer wants to be carried away by the stream of mundaneness, but longs to live life in its fullness, joy and harmony.”

Ondrej Ligač, Investment and credit advisor, father of two sons

“I have known Henika for years and I have participated in several educational programs under her guidance. I have always gained more than I expected. I recommend her self-management and self-leadership workshop to anyone interested in personal development, their own organisation, because they can learn concrete and simple exercises that will help them solve unexpected life obstacles. I also recommend it to the lecturers, because Henika uses many innovative online applications and tools for active participation of participants during the workshop, which will help the trainers, especially in online education in coronal times. I used the procedure by which the workshop is exhibited in my own online and offline lecture and it worked great.”

Pavol Markovič - business consultant, mentor and lecture, LinkedIn: Pavol Markovič

“Henika and I met at a business breakfast at SBA Nitra, and from that moment on, our cooperation and mutual enrichment continues. I also recently attended an online workshop on Self-Management & Self-Leadership, which was very inspiring and brought new perspectives and ideas to this area (I visualised the notes in the form of a mind map, which I believe will help others to think). Everything is expressed in that mind map, strong moments and for me it was so-called AHA MOMENT to realise that I CAN'T FORGET ABOUT MYSELF ... it was simply an experience THANK YOU Henika, she’s a person who does her job with her heart, puts energy and professionalism into it.”

Mgr. Mária Mellenová, coach - mentor - coach

“I know Henika thanks to the lectures course I took with her. Her workshop on self-management and self-leadership, as a freelancer, helped me look at ways to prioritise and balance work and private life, which can often be a nutshell as I work from home. It was beautifully themed, divided into several sections with practical advice on how to make full use of time, how to plan properly, or how to fight procrastination and more. I recommend anyone who wants to work to increase the efficiency of their work to visit it.”

Michal Loučičan, Digital Transformation Consultant, www.Havran228.skLinkedIn: Michal Loučičan

“My AHA moment was to realise that I didn't have to be like a ticket in the wind. I have always been opposed to planning and calendars because I felt bound by them and I could not do what I wanted. I lived in a hurry and uncertainty about whether I did everything and managed in time. After the webinar, I started planning my time more honestly and using a diary (or I have even more of them now - motivational and google) and it happened that now I feel freer than before. I realised that I had to plan moments for myself like any important duty. I feel like I have more free time than before. I learned several tools for maintaining self-discipline at work and in my own development. I would also like to teach many of my students at school. The coronary crisis showed that my students did not manage self-management as much as we did, and that was why they failed to learn at home.”

Martina Ančicová, Teacher at the Business Academy, mother of 3 children

You know when:

When you're under stress and pressure because you're constantly putting something off for another time?
When you're frustrated and dissatisfied because you haven't been able to complete many tasks?
When you feel maximally overwhelmed and nervous from the pressure of your boss, spouse, tasks, or unexpected changes in your life?
When you are unhappy because you are not fulfilling your goals, dreams and expectations, because you no longer have the energy and desire for them?

You can change it

You can be happy with your performance and complete all tasks, no more procrastination afterwards
You can be full of energy and motivation in any conditions of life situations
You can be happy and take small steps to fulfil your goals and dreams
You can be prudent and calm, even if anything in your life is pushing you!

Take responsibility into your own hands.
Become a stable support and leader of your life with small changes.

,,First, we need to build a solid foundation that cannot be torn down. And those basics are in the form of skills, attitudes and our habits."

- Henrieta Holúbeková

While I gradually learned test after test and went through the lessons of my life, you don't have to learn from your own mistakes. You can avoid them and speed up the whole process.

However, you can do it differently

Wondering if you can be a your own stable support during any crisis or change? Are you at a time when you are "stuck" in life and you don't know what to do next?

In order to achieve mental, physical and mental stability in our lives, we first need to build a solid foundation that cannot be torn down. And those basics are in the form of skills, abilities, attitudes and our habits.


And it is these instructions, effective and proven techniques that I will provide you with

Unique 2.5-Hour Workshop: Survive Change Easily

The workshop is based on two clear and key principles:
Selfleadership = being a leader and boss of yourself. It means taking responsibility into our own hands and not allowing external circumstances to have power over your life. A leader is the creator of his life. The leader does not wait for the world around him to be perfect so that he can fulfil his dreams. The leader knows that perfect conditions will never come and he creates his own life here and now. In one sentence: to be the master of your life.
Self-management = managing and organising oneself. Why is it important to know how to manage / organise yourself? It is the organisation and guidance of ourselves that will help us in guiding our entire lives = our work, family, children, but also feelings and approach to life circumstances. When we cannot direct ourselves, clean up, and our actions are only reactions to external events, we cannot live the life we want.

These 2 things are key and necessary in managing life changes. From my more than 25 years of experience working with all target groups, from young people, to mothers on maternity leave, retraining the unemployed, entrepreneurs starting their business or changing their portfolios, to top managers, I know that only 10% of people are actively managing their life, set themselves mentally for their day and organise all areas of their life.

What you will get at the workshop:

You will get valuable techniques on how to effectively manage and organise your work and free time
You will learn many techniques on how to approach and solve problems, changes or crises
You will learn to have a clear overview in all areas of your life
You will receive specific tips on digital applications for more effective self-management
You will understand how our body and mind works and what needs to be done to make us feel physically and mentally fit at all times
You will learn how to work with your inner self when you do not feel good in your skin or emotionally “down"
You will learn to have a clear overview in all areas of your life



With my advanced 4-phase methodology, you will start managing yourself and will be the leader of your life


  •   define your clear idea of where you want to go in specific areas in your life
  • analyse where you are right now and what needs to be done, what needs to be processed and accepted so that you can move forward
  • make a DECISION where you want to go and define which steps you will take and what tools you will use to do so


  • you will learn various techniques to strengthen your mental resilience, with which you can playfully resist external influences and be mentally fit
  • you will learn an exercise that will stop you from procrastinating immediately - putting things off until later
  • you will learn to use 2 powerful tools of modern technology, thanks to which you will be fully focused and keep your attention until you complete your task
  • you will discover your so-called "energy bombs" - which nourishes you, charges you and gives you energy and joy in life


  • you will get my 21 ways, tips and tricks that help me organize myself
  • you will get proven techniques and tips for maintaining a work-life balance
  • you will learn 5 ways to the integrity of a mentally stable leader - worldsclass leadership
  •  you will learn to be a stable support and leader of yourself


  • you will learn to put together the "puzzle" you set during the workshop

This workshop is part of the Lifeology educational program

Lifeology is an educational program designed for youth and adults. Together with Dušan Matuška and Gabika Čepičanová, we created the first 10 lessons of this educational program in 2014 in Slovakia and subsequently spread abroad. 

Together with Teen Mentors of Lifeology, we have become the first pioneers in the implementation of informal techniques and methods of education in the formal school system in Slovakia and worldwide. 

Over the last 5 years, this program has been presented at professional conferences and youth exchange programs in Italy, Belgium, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Reunion, and Representatives of governments and youth experts from more than 125 countries have so far experienced their own experience.

With their help, we created a concept that is applicable in all areas of life. For all types of education. It is simple playful, highly effective. I tested it in companies, private and public organizations, at seminars and courses organized for the adult lay and professional public. This SURVIVE CHANGE EASILY workshop is part of this unique Lifeology educational program.




Henrieta Holúbeková

Mother, entrepreneur, founder of the House of Knowledge - an organization for personal development, a non-governmental organization for youth and adult education, a mentor for young people, author of the project Lifeology ® - an educational program for youth focused on implementing non-formal teaching methods in the formal school system. The aim of this program is to teach young people to understand life, adults and themselves. She is the holder of a special award for the development of youth talent, the holder of the National Award for Career Development in the field of youth talent 2016, she is one of the 10 best in the Social Impact Award 2015, a social innovator in Slovakia. Tedx speaker, adviser to the government in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Belgium in the field of youth education in non-formal education methods for the Z and Milienals generation. Lecturer, single mother of 3 children.

Are you in such a way that you don't like "marketing moves" and "sales loops" when someone wants to sell you something? Can you notice it quickly? 

I want to make a fair deal, which is to the mutual satisfaction and let a client be a little more satisfied than me. I think he will be happy to come back again and see what I have to offer. In my opinion, a long-term relationship and satisfied cooperation are built on these foundations.

I also like to buy high quality things at an affordable price.

When determining the value of what I give you, I always take into account the following factors:
1.the value of my time to create this program, the knowledge I needed to acquire, the practice I have completed
2.the value of the work of the people who helped me create this "product"
3.your current financial situation (I know that we are all different - some lost your job, your partner, you are starting again, you have suffered from an illness ... others of you have enough funds, you are doing well and you want to be real work and you mean it)

For these reasons, I decided to sell all my products and services in the 2 rounds:

ROUND 1 - from 20.8.2020 to 30.8.2020 until midnight

The first 10 days of sale at very low prices - so as we say "people's" - that they do not even cover the costs incurred, but I have a very strong social feeling and I like to help others. This is why it will ALWAYS be like this for the first 10 days.

ROUND 2 - from 1.9.2020

After the first round, there will be - sales at fair prices - in which everyone will find an offer suitable for their financial situation.

Become the master of your life and stand firm on your own feet!

It's time to clean up your life and be strong in your decisions. 

Although my knowledge and experience gained over the last 25 years, transformed into this workshop, is worth more than € 10,000 for me, I do not want such an amount from you. I am probably the first person in Slovakia to decide as follows:

you decide how much you are willing to pay for this workshop recording. 

And I'm OK with any of your choice. No matter which amount you choose, you will all receive a full-scale workshop with all the exercises you have the opportunity to do with the participants. I decided to simply trust that people can appreciate what gives them real value in life and that they are happy to support an author who has come a long way and teaches what he has really experienced and tried. Pay as much as your current situation allows and support me as you deem valuable.


from 20.8.2020 to 30.8.2020 until midnight

 You have 3 options to choose from

How much do you want to pay?


1. Option


(price including VAT)

2. Option


(price including VAT)

3. Option


(price including VAT)


This offer will be valid from 30.8.2020. If necessary, you can buy it even earlier than your life situation requires and you want to do your change right away.


1.package BASIC


(price including VAT)

access to the workshop is included

2. package MEDIUM

200€ 175 €

(price including VAT)

workshop worth € 50

ebook worth € 25 

1 hour of consultation / 60 minutes with me worth € 125

all for € 200, now for € 175

3. package VIP

3950 eur 1250 €

(price including VAT)

workshop worth € 50

ebook worth € 25

whole month, i.e. 30 days DAY by DAY one hour consultation with me every day - mentoring, during which I will guide and support you to a fundamental change in your life and mastering what you are solving, worth - 30 days after 125 € is a total of 3875 € - now worth for 1250 €

This is the full amount for a 2 and a half hour recording from the workshop.

If you do not find a single thing in this workshop that you want to implement in your life, we will refund your money in full.


"Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny."

- Gándhí