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Viera Ayisi

With her artistic and musical work, Vierka has been working in Slovakia and abroad for thirteen years. She is familiar with the song "You're My Second Me" in 2011. Vierka has been part of the Fredy's Dance Group, a dance group founded by Fredy Ayisi. Later, she created her own dance group with whom she has worked with many domestic and foreign artists. In 2007 she opened her dance and motion center in Bratislava. Teaches different forms of exercise for people of different age categories. She has also improved herself by studying dance in New York. Two years she worked in Dubai as a certified instructor for Nike and NTC, where she was part of the Nike Woman 2015 advertising and sports campaign. She is currently working at home and abroad as a yoga instructor and Fit Inspirit trainer. She has been teaching and organizing workshops, stays and exotic concerts at the Inspirit agency she has founded, lecturing and writing on lifestyle blogs.

Michal Novota

Michal Novota

Michal Novota is involved in consulting and coaching in the field of restart and brand development, PR strategies, communication, managerial and leadership skills at Restartup. Consultancy in the area of ​​political marketing is being developed by Campaigns in the Czech and Slovak Republics. He is also a fundraiser in the Slovak Space Organization. He worked as a strategic planner for the advertising agency MARK / BBDO, coach and program officer at the International Republican Institute.

He is the editor of the magazine Týždeň.

Michal can help you choose a strategy, find your story and words whenever you want to change or influence something in society.

Slavomír Hruška

Slavomir has experience from the corporate environment. He worked for Fortune 500. He is an experienced entrepreneur and co-founder of the localization guru's innovative localization company. It focuses on new technologies, emerging markets and business development. He is the author of several articles on various portals where he advises startup to survive in the current wilderness. He can now see It from both views - from the position of the founder and the investor of other startups. He is currently working in the Central and Eastern European ecosystem as an investment manager of venture capital funds for the Innovation and Technology Fund. He is a mentor of angel investors where he leads them and teaches how to choose the right startup for investment and how to break down his investment wisely and to the satisfaction of both parties. If you have an idea that you want to do as your new business, Slavomir is the right person to help you realistically evaluate your idea, advise you how to make it successful and connect with investors if you need to.