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Lifeology is an accredited annual "tailor-made" educational program for students of 1st and 2nd year of secondary schools. There is one lesson (or two-hour) per week. 

It significantly complements the knowledge and knowledge gained in the classical school system on the skills that a young person uses to successfully cope with everyday life challenges and challenging situations in the field of relationships, success, knowledge and understanding of himself, directing his life. Through young mentors, students learn to entertain their own self-knowledge, communication, leadership and social skills in a fun way to fully exploit their potential.

The program deals with 4 areas of life:

INTRODUCTION - know and understand yourself

CITIZENSHIP - relationship education - understand relationships with parents, authorities, your first love, learn to love yourself

CARIERISTICS - find out what you enjoy, how to achieve success, learn how to communicate and leadership rules

HEALTH - is overwhelmed with the whole program - care for the health of the body, spirit and mind. We bring the need for sleep, movement, diet, mental health.

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No school teaches young people how to get along with parents, how to deal with emotions that come with first love, how to respect others and be respected, how to set up a life vision and how to handle the difficult life situations in relationships, career success, family and yourself. How to communicate clearly, comprehensibly, to succeed in meeting your needs, and at the same time sensitively dissociate it. How to be a part of the community around you with success and at the same time supporting others.


Nobody has ever shown you the skills and abilities you need to be able to handle the everyday situations of your life easily? We're here to teach you how to understand yourself and others around you. Respect others and be respected. We will show you how "communication flows" work between you and adults, your peers and authorities. We will teach you how to develop your personality strengths and make full use of your potential and help you set your life goals the way you think it should be. We will give you all the tools to be able to convey these knowledge and skills further, become part of the community and spread this knowledge efficiently further.

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Used methods:

We have our Code of Ethics, which sets clear ethical standards for Teen Mentors and education, using the following methods: staging, training of model situations, oral explanatory-illustrative (lecture), dialogical - interviews, situation diagnostics, brainstorming, mindmapping , practical exercises - training of rhetorical abilities and skills, exercises, physical activities, training and presentation of skills, abilities, motivation, methods of self-employment and autodidactic methods and at the end of the course in certification of future mentors - youth workers (with their younger peers) young - dialogue and evaluation methods.

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