Mgr. Henriete Holúbekovej - LEADERSHIP & YOUTH SPEAKER INSTITUTE granted in the year 2016 centrum Euroguidance with SAAIC ( a special award for supporting talent development in high school youth in the competition National award of career guidance (based on the jury’s assessment). We have awarded the award for a contribution Lifeology - an annual accredited training program for high school students taught by trained volunteers. This activity appears to be highly up-to-date and beneficial, allowing young people to develop their strengths and use their potential. The project also supports talents by choosing from the ranks of young students who are motivated to continue as mentors in later years. 

With LEADERSHIP & YOUTH SPEAKER INSTITUTE subsequently the Euroguidance  center cooperated with the realization of workshops in various events (conference of National award of career guidance 2016,  29. 9. 2016 and seminar Supporting and developing talents, 27. 10. 2016) and we rate our cooperation as enriching and successful, as is shown by the satisfaction of the participants in these events.

We’re looking forward for another cooperation in the future!


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